Welcome to xbmcswift2’s documentation!

Welcome to the documentation for xbmcswift2. xbmcswift2 is a small framework to ease development of XBMC addons. Whether you are an experienced addon developer, or just coding your first addon, you’ll find benefits to using xbmcswift2.

This documentation is divided into several parts. If you are new, you should start with the Installation and then move on to Quickstart. If you would prefer a more detailed walkthrough, try the Tutorial.

To get a deeper understanding of xbmcswift2, check out URL Routing, Caching and Storage and the complete API reference. For specific code samples, check out Patterns. If you are upgrading from xbmcswift, check out the Upgrading from xbmcswift page.

For a list of XBMC addons which use xbmcswift2, see Addons Powered by xbmcswift2.

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