Upgrading from xbmcswiftΒΆ

While the API for xbmcswift2 is very similar to xbmcswift, there are a few backwards incompatible changes. The following list highlights the biggest changes:

  • Update all imports to use xbmcswift2 instead of xbmcswift. This includes the dependency in your addon.xml file.

  • In list item dictionaries, the url keyword has been changed to path.

  • In xbmcswift views, the proper way to return from a view was return plugin.add_items(items). In xbmcswift2 you can either return plugin.finish(items) or more simply return items.

    # xbmcswift
    return plugin.add_items(items)
    # xbmcswift2
    return plugin.finish(items)
    # (or)
    return items
  • In the past, the plugin.route() decorator accepted arbitrary keyword arguments in the call to be used as defaults. These args must now be a single dictionary for the keyword arg options.

# xbmcswift
plugin.route('/', page='1')

# xbmcswift2
plugin.route('/', options={'page': '1'})
  • In list item dictionaries, the is_folder keyword is no longer necessary. Directory list items are the default and require no special keyword. If you wish to create a playable list item, set the is_playable keyword to True.

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